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Final Offer:
"Would You Like Us to Set-Up Your Websites For You With 87.83% OFF?"

As I have anticipated that the silver package could be a little bit out of reach for you, I have decided to give you the FINAL OFFER to have use set-up your website for you. This allows you to have your website ready to get CASH for your business from day one.

We will set-up your websites.
We will install SEVEN products to your server.
We will install SEVEN professional written sales letter.
We will install SEVEN welcome emails.
We will install 14 auto-responder letters and integrate with 7 products.
We will install ONE highly-converting squeeze page on your server.
We will install ONE fully-customized thank you page on your server.

Here is What We Are Going to Do For You...

STEP #1: We Will Set-Up Your Websites For You.

Once you add the option below, we will ask you to give me access to your web hosting and auto-responder system. We will then set-up your website for you. This will include...
  1. Seven High-Demand Products that allow you to monetize big in Internet Marketing Niche. -- We have even done our research with our readers, on forums, among our peers, and google keyword search, to provide our customers those products that will help them maximize the revenue.

  2. Seven Professionally-Written sales letters that allow you to maximize your profit on the run. -- Basically, we will write these sales letters for you. NOTE: You do NOT have to hire copywriter that charge between $1,500 and $2,500 each.

  3. Seven Welcome Emails for your product download links and 7 Welcome Emails for the link to the prodcuct you give away. -- You will receive customized welcome emails with the link to sell one of the highly-converting affiliate products.

  4. 14 Pre-Written Auto-Responder Letters where it will automatically recommend your 37 products. -- Basically, as soon as someone subscribe to your e-newsletters, they will receive up a total of 74 emails (A little over 2 1/2 months) to recommend them 37 products that will give you 100% profit to your paypal account on auto-pilot. You just have to *relax* and enjoy the sales coming your ways.

  5. Seven Highly-Converting Squeeze Pages. -- We have been testing heavily to make sure our squeeze page converts between 30% and 56% Sign-up ratio. This is MUCH higher than the genral public of 3%.

  6. Seven Fully-Customized thank you page with affiliate products. -- We have even tested the offer to converts between 3% and 7% sales ratio on the back-end offers.

  7. Seven Products to giveaway as a way to build relationship with your audience. -- These products will be part of your thank you page where we will focus on providing value as well as sharing information on what your audience needs to do to solve his/her problems asap. This allows you to be known as a marketer who provide on QUALITY information to your audience.

  8. Integrating Your Product With High Ticket Items -- This allows you to receive instant commission to your paypal at the price of $97, $227, and even $497. This will be DONE automatically on the back-end for you. There is no extra work needed on your part.

STEP #2: We Will Set-Up Your Professional Blog For You.

Once we set-up your website, here is what you are going to receive:
  1. We will install the wordpress blog. -- Yes, it will be the latest wordpress and you can upgrade with just one click.

  2. We will add plugins such as Askimet, wordpress stat, and much more. -- We will include the API key on each plugin, remove automatic comments, as well as providing you the plugin where you can track the visitors to your blog.

  3. We will install blog template. -- We will customize your sidebar menu such as: comments feature, recent posts, and much more. Further, we will change the title of your logo, footer, as well as links on your header.

  4. We will integrate your blog with opt-in form. -- This allows you to utilize your blog as a way to build relationship with your audience from start. Further, it will be integrated with auto-responder letters.
Basically, everything is DONE for you. :-)

-> You will have a BRAND-NEW website in days.
-> You will have a PROFESSIONAL blog in days.
-> You will have 7 Products to sell right away.
-> You will have a brand-new squeeze page to build your list.
-> You will have all the funnel system integrated with products from $10 to $497.

Go ahead and let us set-up your website for just...

One Time Payment -- No Monthly Fees!
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